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Travelling with a Baby

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

We have just arrived back from our first flight trip with our 7 week old baby, and I thought I would share a few interesting things we picked up about travelling with a baby…


  • - Don’t rush to get onto the plane as often the air con is not working until after take-off making it very hot and uncomfortable for your baby.
  • - Your pram and/or car seat do not count as part of your weight allowance. You do not check them in with your luggage – you take them with you to the plane where they will be stored in the hold for the duration of the flight.
  • - There are baby changing facilities on the plane – well at least on the Mango flight we were on. In one of the bathrooms (check with air stewards which one – the flight we were on was the rear bathroom) there is a fold down flap on which you can change your baby’s nappy (it is a bit squashy in there but it is possible, I tried it!)
  • - For take-off and landing you can get a seatbelt extension for your baby – it gets looped through your seatbelt and fastened around the baby. (If they don’t bring you one then ask them for it – we had to do this on our return flight).
  • - Something we found helped with the change in air pressure was to give our baby an EEZIMED dummy filled with gripe water to suck on after take-off and landing. A normal dummy works as well but this makes them swallow properly so that their ears unblock completely. Obviously breastfeeding or a bottle also work but if it is not feeding time or your baby doesn’t use a bottle then this is a great alternative.

Car Rental

  • We hired a VW Chico only to discover that the rear seatbelts are too short to fit around our prams car seat (Graco Mirage Pram). Even the front seatbelt was a real tight squeeze – just something to take note of when booking a car.

Baby Changing Facilities

  • - Cape Town International Airport departure lounge bathroom (the one at the bottom of the SPUR steps) as a great spacious baby changing room with benches which you can sit on to feed your baby.
  • - OR Tambo International Airport also has baby changing facilities in the bathrooms on the restaurant/shop level next to the sport shop. There is also a chair in this room which you can use to feed your baby.
  • - At the arrivals hall of Cape Town International Airport I couldn’t find a baby changing room, I had to change our baby on a counter in the ladies bathroom.

Anyone else got some useful tips for parents travelling with babies?

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